My Manifesto

Most of the crazies in history have issued a manifesto before getting down to business, so why shouldn’t I do the same?  I’m not trying to change the world with my manic thoughts and postings.  If I change one person’s opinion, I’ll consider myself lucky.  As long as that opinion is not from “I like her” to “I cannot stand her; she is absolutely off her rocker.”  I may be off my rocker, but that’s no reason to hate me.  Such meanies out there!

Anyway, I started this new blog as a place to get these random thoughts and musings out of my head.  Hey!  This is sort of like Dumbledore’s pensieve.


I don’t have a set topic I will vent about.  Could be politics, sports, religion, society, ….  It’s going to be whatever pops into my brain.  Read it or don’t.  I don’t  care.  My previous blog, “Walking With My Wounded Warrior,” was a success, but that was pretty limited in topic.  This one won’t be.

If you don’t like a topic or something I said, there is this nifty little x on the site.  If you click it, the screen disappears!  Go ahead and do it if you don’t like what I am venting about.  I really don’t need the hater comments.  You are welcome to comment whatever you wish, because unlike SOME people, I don’t restrict freedom of speech, but I won’t allow personal attacks.  If you want to point out something about any fact I might have gotten wrong, you can do that without calling me a raving, lunatic bitch.  You don’t need to insult my intelligence.  My kids do enough of that.  “Mom, you don’t know anything.”  “Mom, you are so old.”  They don’t do that often, but they were teenagers once upon a time.  Now they are 20-somethings, although they still act like teenagers.

So, that’s my manifesto.  Basically, to sum it up in one word – ventation.  Yeah, that’s not a real word.  I thought I made it up, but when I googled it, something about “Ventation of a Crook,” by a Mr. Pookie came up.  Whoever that is.

Until next time, I remain,
a fed up, stressed out mom

Anyway, if you are on facebook, check out  That’s Derek’s Memorial page.


Author: tigress5cubs

I have been a single mother to 5 wonderful children since 2000. Michael is 28, Kellina is 22, Ryan is 22 (yes, twins, no, not identical), & Sean is 20. Derek would have been 27 this past year. On July 23, 2011 our world was changed forever. While on patrol in Afghanistan, Derek attempted to rescue another soldier and stepped on an ied resulting in several injuries, including amputations of the legs. He battled his life changing injuries for 20 months before climbing to eternal glory on March 18, 2013. We survived a lot, and we are still climbing that mountain. Come climb with us!

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