Fear of a Trump Presidency?

I get it. I get why certain groups are scared of a Trump presidency. The man has talked out of both sides of his mouth, so I get it. He said he think he might do it before he said he wouldn’t do it before he said he was definitely doing it. Who has kept a scorecard of the issues?

In the Bill of Rights at the First Amendment we have the right to peaceably assemble. So if you want to assemble with 50,000+/- of people who feel like you do, go for it.

You do not have the right to hurt others or destroy property during your protests.

THAT is directed at BOTH sides.

Little boys who run up to little girls and grab them only shows that their parents didn’t teach them that it is wrong. Even Trump apologized for his disgusting comments. Allowing little boys to “act like Trump” and do that shows your poor parenting skills. Stop it. If you don’t stop it, some day your little boy will be behind bars for assault IF the little girl’s family doesn’t press charges today. And they really should.

People who beat up other people because they are wearing a Trump shirt, identify as something other than what is between their legs, walk into what you think is the “wrong” bathroom, don’t support gay marriage, their skin is too dark/light/purple/green/orange, or whatever other bigoted reason are just wrong.

Definition of a bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas, etc. : a bigoted person; especially : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group (such as a racial or religious group)(From Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Bigots can be of all shapes, sizes, colors, creeds, sexual orientation, whatever. I don’t like bigots, but this is America, so you are free to be an asshole if you want. What you do NOT have the right to do is hurt someone because of your own personal bigotry.

We are all human. We all bleed red. We all have a beating heart. Stop looking at the outside and start looking on the inside.

Can we look at what is really important and move forward? I get being scared, but until he actually does something, there is nothing to combat.

Trump cannot overturn the Supreme Court’s decisions on gay marriage and abortion. The Bush Prezzies (W and HW) were anti-abortion, but even with 12 years of them, abortion was not overturned. It was a conservative court that upheld the right to marry whomever you please, so more conservative justices aren’t going to change that. The issue has already been decided. It is the law of the land. Go marry whomever you please. Trump may not attend the wedding, but when the officiant asks if anyone disagrees with the union, Trump will not be there objecting.

I read Pence’s comments about “conversion therapy,” and it looks to me like he was trying to get it covered for anyone who wanted it, NOT that he thought all LGBTQ people needed it. I represented a man who was gay and he told me that he did not want to be gay so he was in counseling to change his desires. Whether or not he was successful, I’ll never know. My guess would be that he wasn’t.

So, wouldn’t Pence’s actions be along the lines of insurance covering abortion for anyone who wanted it NOT forcing all women to get abortions?

I heard Trump’s comments about North Carolina’s alleged anti-LGBTQ law, and all he said was that he thought it was a State issue. The Bill of Rights states that any powers not specifically given to the Federal Government would be determined by the State, so in a way, he is right.

Doesn’t each individual state have a different right to marry? In some states you cannot marry your first cousin. But I get that the right to marry another consenting adult should not be denied unless there is an overwhelming interest against it (such as marriage between siblings can cause genetic abnormalities).

In the past, the Federal Government has stepped in when there was discrimination and infringement on other people’s rights – such as Women’s Suffrage, slavery, the right of every man to be able to vote, etc. They Supreme Court already did it for the right to marry and the right to have an abortion, so maybe the next step is to have it become another Amendment to the Constitution. Now THAT would be something to fight for.

So what are the goals of these current protests?

Bottom line, I get why people are afraid. I was afraid of a Hillary Presidency. What I don’t get is what do the protestors want? I just think the current protests don’t have enough direction and don’t have a stated goal in mind. What is it that you want?


Author: tigress5cubs

I have been a single mother to 5 wonderful children since 2000. Michael is 28, Kellina is 22, Ryan is 22 (yes, twins, no, not identical), & Sean is 20. Derek would have been 27 this past year. On July 23, 2011 our world was changed forever. While on patrol in Afghanistan, Derek attempted to rescue another soldier and stepped on an ied resulting in several injuries, including amputations of the legs. He battled his life changing injuries for 20 months before climbing to eternal glory on March 18, 2013. We survived a lot, and we are still climbing that mountain. Come climb with us!

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